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I was raised in the south as a pastor’s kid and even served as a licensed minister for 7 years. During this time my family deeply struggled with money, many times for going modern comforts such as telephones and electricity! I was misdiagnosed as mildly mentally handicap in 8th grade and spent the next 4 years in special ed classes. While today that carries a different feel when I was in high school we were all in on large classroom. The humiliation was palatable. Only after years of traveling and speaking to thousands of adults about teen issues did I realize that “something wasn’t quit right”. I challenged the system, was retested and moved out of the special classes. However to this day I remain amazingly dyslexic and ADHD.


Only after I married my high school sweet heart did I choose to take a different route and broke into the film industry. Red Ridge, my first feature film won the New York International Film Festival. While that would launch most film careers I actually self-sabotaged that opportunity and went on to direct one of the worst films ever produced. During this time I was building an entertainment company called Realm Studios (you can tell I was young just by the audacioness of the name). I was later offered to sell my “virtual studio” which I had built on credit cards. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. Everything progressed with great momentum. During this time I was introduced the amazing world of entertainment marketing. I consulted with American Idol, Universal Music and many other fantastic media companies. Seeing how they got their message out and planned their marketing caused a true mind shift for me. I was hooked!


Months later while the holding company was attempting an IPO the IRS showed up and ceased EVERYTHING! Come to find out the gentlemen that was “buying” my company was wanted on multiple counts of tax evasion and tax fraud… yup, I was screwed.


Two weeks later I was riving my Audi (which I bought before the deal was done of course) to a work site and digging irrigation ditches for a friends landscaping company.


I had already begun to spin out of control from stress and fear but this was the final blow. All of this largely led to my divorce after almost 10 years. To make matters even darker we had just had our first child! To say I went into a deep dark depression is an understatement!


I ended up living for almost 2 ½ years on an air mattress at my parents and borrowing an 88 Honda that had to be hot-wired. I had lost everything but my daughter.


I spent the next two years taking whatever jobs I could find and drinking myself into a comma. I had one priority and that was my daughter. Luckily a long time friend kept encouraging me to take what I had learned from the “Hollywood Marketing Machine” and leverage that with small and medium business and so Riot Lounge was formed.


Riot Lounge was marketing boutique in Dallas that focused on developing clients story and products and getting their authentic messages in front of their potential clients. It had wild success and wild failures. Over the next seven years my business partner and I dialed in the methodology and traveled the globe both training clients and learning from other markets and cultures.


Today I am proud to say that I am remarried and friends with my ex and her husband (weird I know). I am the proudest father of three kids and live in Dallas Texas.


I have built my business to compliment my Dyslexia and ADHD. My focus has turned to combining disciplines such as innovation, marketing, biomimicry and so much more into truly unique solutions for my clients. I love to educate and believe the best educators are transparent and vulnerable.


This site serves as my lab, note pad and ultimately the metric for how many I am educating and influencing. I hope you find material here that truly helps you and your business and that you allow me to take at least part of the journey with you. banner